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Bees and butterflies have been in the news for the wrong reasons with many species suffering serious decline, but introducing sustainable mowing techniques is likely to have a beneficial effect for our wildflowers, bees and butterflies.

All too often in the past bees have suffered when the clover-filled lawns they had been feeding on are mown removing the hive’s food supply in an instant. By reducing the mowing frequencies on parts of the area the clover will be able to provide nectar for the bees for longer. Similarly butterflies need a variety of flowers to feed on and with a more considered approach those plants will have a chance to flower before the strimmer and sprayer appear.

We believe that less maintenance doesn’t mean uncared for, rather the opposite as in the past the norm has been for unnecessarily overzealous maintenance of open spaces to the detriment of the bees and butterflies. Grass with daisies and dandelions is not ‘weedy’ but a valuable resource and where appropriate areas with a scalloped mown edge will be set aside on all developments.


We aim to keep lawns looking at their best by making sure the edges are neatly trimmed, raising the mower blades a little during dry spells to keep them green and avoiding raking out any moss which will stay green and collecting and composting the cuttings to prevent nutrient build up.

Shrubs and trees also benefit from less intensive pruning which can help birds such as the once familiar House Sparrows and Song Thrushes which need dense cover in which to find food for their young, over trimmed hedges are of no use to them and they too have declined through the obsession with ‘order’ and ‘tidiness’.

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