Former Aniline Plan

Wilton, Teesside

In April 2007, Landcare were approached by a client to assist in managing their exit from a redundant liability site within the chemicals complex at Wilton in Teesside. The site represented the client’s final landholding on what was formerly part of a large estate. The site comprising of a former Aniline manufacturing plant was decommissioned in the late 1960’s, with part demolition carried out in early 1970’s. At this point, concrete was emplaced around the core building to form a sarcophagus.

The medium term prognosis for the site is simply one of management and monitoring. Prior to taking the freehold and environmental liability with a payment to cover holding costs, Landcare undertook a full structural survey to prove the long term security of the concrete works. In managing the clean exit for our client, Landcare placed a joint environmental insurance policy with XL Europe. The policy covers the event of pollution escape from the sarcophagus and any clean up associated with this event.

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