The Process

Landcare continues to provide secure managed exits for a growing number of UK and Europe’s largest chemical and pharmaceutical companies.

Clients such as Astra Zeneca, Glaxo SmithKline, Syngenta, Akzo Nobel and Coats Viyella have successfully passed freehold and environmental responsibility to Landcare, freeing themselves of statutory obligations, management and financial responsibility.

The Landcare Process

What constitutes a Landcare project?

There is no generic model, each site is different and so the Landcare model is tailored to suit the site and individual client requirements. The common thread is one of secure divestment requirement for the client, and a lack of short term development potential which has hindered investment.

What are the benefits for a client?

Achieving a secure managed exit will free the client from costly ongoing management of sites which are generally surplus to core business requirements. Liability management requires time, effort and money and can be an endless drain on company resources.

What is the cost?

The Landcare model can in most cases actually reduce the clients financial commitment in respect of a liability site. Typically divesting companies have set aside financial provisions for liability sites, which are required to be maintained over lengthy timescales. Utilising our vigorous risk assessment process during due diligence, and coupled with our in house capability and economies of scale from managing a portfolio of sites, Landcare can take full freehold responsibility for sites at much reduced values than that provided for, which again presents an opportunity for clients to write back surplus provisions to profit.

What do we need to disclose?

The Landcare model is based on ‘open disclosure’ of site information under client confidentiality. The risk assessment based approach is predicted on understanding the site characteristics and history and through this a thorough understanding of the threat if any, the site poses to human health and or the environment. The more complete the knowledge picture, in general the lower the divestment sum needs to be.

Can we share in future value?

Landcare will assess the short term likelihood of development value being achieved on the site and where identified, will consider a reduction in the divestment sum. Where development is not readily achievable, client interest can be maintained via clawback arrangements which ensure a share of future development values should they be achieved.

How complete is the exit?

Landcare will take freehold and environmental responsibility including assignment or transfer of all licences, permits and consents at point of legal completion. Working closely with the necessary stakeholders including the Environment Agency, we can ensure expeditious transfer of statutory consents and hold the necessary certification of competence for transfers to be completed.

How secure is the exit?

Landcare has developed a bespoke land and environmental responsibility transfer model agreement. This has been successfully used on multiple sites with an increasing number of clients over a 10 year period, all of which continue to be managed securely and effectively with no recourse whatsoever to the divesting companies. In addition and where appropriate, long term insurance policies can be emplaced to cover both client and Landcare.

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